The Hammer of Justice is Unisex T-Shirts

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is an excellent show.  It’s one of those rare things where the tone is consistently perfect.  It understands exactly what is wonderful about Silver Age comics but that it is equally wonderful to make fun of them.  The collision of Silver Age storytelling with modern perspective leads to some great moments and some unforgettable one-liners. Continue reading


The Zapp Pak

This was an attempt to save a gift that had already gone a bit…wrong.  It was for a Futurama fan.  I’d ordered something on Amazon that had “velour” in its title as a little nod to Zapp Brannigan and his chosen uniform material.  However, what I’d bought was a stupid little herbal heat pillow that you microwave and put in your bed or on your neck or something.  It didn’t really make you think of Zapp Brannigan, despite it being real velour.  So I devised this packaging for it, to try to make the connection more explicit.  The final product was signed at the bottom.

Second Opinion Edition 1

After someone else had taken over movie reviews I switched to writing a “staying in” column, there I would make recommendations for DVDs based on what was currently playing in cinemas.  The idea would be to recommend similar, and possibly superior, alternatives to the month’s releases.  And by the way, I was going for Garth Marenghi with that headshot. I think I succeeded.

Welcome to the first week of my new feature.  Instead of reviewing contemporary releases I’ll be giving some recommendations of what to check out with (some rather tenuous) ties to what’s in the spotlight.

In this edition I’ll be giving recommendations based on Hot Fuzz, the action comedy extravaganza from Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  Continue reading