A Secret (Short Story, I guess?)

One of my friends was taking a creative writing class as part of his Master’s and I’d been giving him feedback on some of it.  I’d felt guilty just criticising his work so one week I decided to write a piece to the same brief.  An attempt at empathy.  The brief was about “a scene between two characters, one of whom is finding it difficult not to reveal something to the other”.  This is what I came up with.

A Secret

“Thanks for doing this.  I know it was short notice.”

“It’s honestly not a problem.  I was actually going to call you anyway.  I needed to give you this.”

Patrick reached into the side pocket of his coat and attempted to remove the wrapped, Blu Ray copy of Die Hard from it.  He’d put it in with longest sides of the case parallel to the bottom of the pocket, since otherwise the wrapping protruded upwards.  The bright blue and yellow Batman motif on the paper didn’t look particularly inconspicuous against his black, woollen coat; the fact that he was still wearing it in a heated café looked even less so.  He’d blown the smooth reveal, since he was now fumbling, half-turned-round in his seat, trying to remove the gift by force.  He was conscious that in this particular position his gut appeared at its least attractive, but he’d anticipated this and was wearing a loose black t-shirt.  Patrick fleetingly compared himself to Sherlock Holmes but was shaken from the fantasy by the realisation that his hand might now have been stuck in the pocket along with his dignity.  Douglas watched the spectacle with impatience, but obvious affection. Continue reading


One Hit Kill Card Game

One Hit Kill LogoSo I made a little card game!

I call it “One Hit Kill”.  It’s basically Rock, Paper, Scissors where you can only win with scissors.  Two players play head-to-head with five cards each: 1 KILL, 2 DODGE, 2 REST.  Each turn, both players select the card they want to play and place it face down on the table.  The cards are then turned over simultaneously and as bombastically as possible for MAXIMUM DRAMA.  The object of the game is to play a KILL when your opponent plays a REST.  The winner is the first to 3 KILLS. Continue reading