M. Bison & The Question T-Shirts

Before I headed off to LA for IndieCade 2013 last year I decided to kit myself out with some new duds (hello, the ’90s.). But instead of just buying the nearest Batman shirts, I thought, why not design some of my own? I’ve done it before. So designed and made a couple of T-Shirts around a couple of things I like in life.

Scream in Pain!

Scream in Pain!

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Akuma T-Shirt

KO with Raging Demon

Alongside the Batman shirts I had an idea for an extremely simple Street Fighter shirt that I am baffled isn’t an official piece of merchandise.  It’s just Akuma’s Kanji symbol on a navy t-shirt, since Akuma’s gi is traditionally dark blue.  The symbol appears under certain conditions, most notably when the player achieves a KO with a Raging Demon.  Another friend liked the idea too and asked for one.  I sprung for A3 printing.  It was a good decision.

Storytelling in Video Games Essay

In 2010 movie critic Roger Ebert made the statement “Video games can never be art” to a chorus of dissent.  A simple counter argument runs that since video games tell stories, and many stories are considered art, then does the medium through which a story is told really dictate its worth?  But what are the great video game stories?  Will we ever see video games repackaged and re-released as classics with tasteful new covers?  I hope so (see how that might look here).

There are also basic ways of extending the quest…

At their inception many video games were essentially an elaborate form of a board game, like Connect 4; they had rules and objectives.  Many offered a simple premise rather than a full story to help drive the player through the challenge. This was necessary since in many cases the incentive of victory over a human opponent had been removed.  A classic example would be “Bowser has kidnapped the princess!”.  Today, however, most big, mainstream games employ a full story to compel the player to continue, with simple objectives used in the short-term to let them know specifically what to do.

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