American Wisdom T-Shirt

This was a gift for my uncle.  He and his wife very kindly let me stay with them and their two young boys whenever I visit the states.  I’m often introduced to the family’s friends and acquaintances.  At one fateful little league game I was trying to help tidy up and noticed that a catcher’s mitt had been left unattended.  In an attempt to prevent it from being stolen I picked it up to bring it over to the dugout to find out who it belonged to.  At this point its owner rushed forward and accosted me.  Continue reading

The Zapp Pak

This was an attempt to save a gift that had already gone a bit…wrong.  It was for a Futurama fan.  I’d ordered something on Amazon that had “velour” in its title as a little nod to Zapp Brannigan and his chosen uniform material.  However, what I’d bought was a stupid little herbal heat pillow that you microwave and put in your bed or on your neck or something.  It didn’t really make you think of Zapp Brannigan, despite it being real velour.  So I devised this packaging for it, to try to make the connection more explicit.  The final product was signed at the bottom.

Gold Squad, Motherfucker!

The Gold Squad Pin from BFBC2

This was a birthday gift for a friend.  We were both big Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players, as were several of our friends.  There’s an end-of-match award in the game for being the best squad of 2-4 players out of all players in the round.  It’s called the “Gold Squad” pin.  Every time we were awarded it a particular member of the party would reinforce this by saying “Gold Squad, Motherfucker!”.  It became that pin everybody was most proud of.  So, as a birthday gift, I decided to try to get a decent facsimile made.  I understand that in the real world pins are quite small things, but I wanted something a bit heftier, so I reimagined it as a medal.

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