Wanted Review

Director: Timur Bekmambetov ; Starring: James MacAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman ; Running Time: 110mins

Wanted, based on the Mark Millar comic series of the same name, tells the story of Wesley Gibson, a nobody in a dead-end job, and how his life changes forever when a fraternity of assassins makes contact with him and unlocks his hidden talents.  With his new abilities Wesley then sets out to avenge the death of his father, a fellow assassin, who left him as a newborn.

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B-Video-Games: A New Frontier on a Lost Planet (Rant)

This is a long piece I wrote about my experiences playing the 4-player co-op campaign of Lost Planet 2.  As I hope the article conveys, it is a profoundly baffling experience, but in the most life-affirming way imaginable.

Video games are quickly establishing themselves as a profitable and, more importantly, artistic new medium.  They’ve held this high position in my mind from as early as I was aware of the concepts but I think it’s finally dawning on our society as a whole that video games are an important and exciting new art form.  The absurd amount of money that games like Modern Warfare 2 and Halo: Reach made on their opening weekends is proof that video games are more than children’s toys and when something is worth that much money, it’s an extremely bad idea to dismiss it on any level. Continue reading

Bionic Commando(2009) Rant

This is very much a stream-of-consciousness piece.  I had intended to balance it with another article talking about the things the game actually gets right, of which there are quite a few.  However, I never wrote that piece, so all that remains is this barrage of vitriol.

Don’t you want to be that guy?

I played through this game in December and I really wish I’d written about it then.  So intense was my vitriol that it would just spew forth to whoever I was talking to.  I wanted to tell people about it so much that I would take the time necessary to explain what the game was to them just so they could understand what it was I hated so much.  As it stands, my fervour has subsided, although hopefully I’ll get all worked up as I write and start hammering the keys in frustration.  I was faced with a choice between sitting down and doing this now or playing through the game again in order to give a fair (and hopefully more entertaining) account of the game.  I asked the advice of a friend and he quite plainly stated, “Colm, under no circumstances play through that game again.  Don’t do it to yourself.”  And he was right.  So here are my two month old thoughts on Bionic Commando.  They won’t be as intense, but they have had longer to fester. Continue reading

Shadow Complex Impressions

Shadow Complex

This art seems to be eliciting Soviet Russia. You would think that might be a major theme…

Shadow Complex is a game from Chair Entertainment using the Epic Unreal Engine in the style of a classic Metroid game with full 3D graphics but planar gameplay.  You go spelunking with some girl you met in a club then become a supersoldier and save the world.  Or some bollocks.

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Battlestar Galactica Final Season Impressions

Just in case those parallels weren’t skull-smashingly obvious enough…

I think the ultimate finale of Battlestar Galactica deserves its own post, but that won’t be up for a while since I want to talk to some friends about it a bit more before I put my thoughts online.  There’s a line of dialogue towards the end of it that I need to sort out that is pretty crucial in my interpretation.  So here I’m just going to be discussing the season proper up until the thing with the console happens during the finale.  I think my TV reviews are going to be spoilery, but I’ll keep the movie reviews spoiler-free, so

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