The IndieCade Companion, Button Mash and Minigames

For the October 2013 IndieCade Festival Stephanie Barish asked me to build on my work from the 2012 festival and create a new attendee guide and metagame. I worked with Sean Bouchard, Robyn Tong Gray, Talia Rose Gruen and Elizabeth Swensen to create the final product.

The IndieCade Companion, designed by Talia Rose Gruen.

The IndieCade Companion, designed by Talia Rose Gruen.

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Werewolf Cards

Silly Werewolf "logo"This Sunday I’ve organised for some friends to get together and play some tabletop games.  It’s our first time.  We played a lot of Halo (system link ftw) during high school but with the dawn of internet gaming it became less and less frequent.  I was primarily spurred on by this (excellent but long) video from Shut Up & Sit Down.  We’re gonna start off easy, safe with Settlers of Catan and Werewolf.  I’ve only played Werewolf once in my life, but had the privilege of doing it with some really wonderful people at IndieCade 2012.  I had a great time with it, despite leaning on some common roots I shared with another player to manipulate her allegiances.  Sorry, Brenda.  I wanted to share it with my friends and to try to make it a little special I decided to make some cards to assign the roles rather than just scrawling them on paper (though my design is basically just doing that with Photoshop). Continue reading

One Hit Kill Card Game

One Hit Kill LogoSo I made a little card game!

I call it “One Hit Kill”.  It’s basically Rock, Paper, Scissors where you can only win with scissors.  Two players play head-to-head with five cards each: 1 KILL, 2 DODGE, 2 REST.  Each turn, both players select the card they want to play and place it face down on the table.  The cards are then turned over simultaneously and as bombastically as possible for MAXIMUM DRAMA.  The object of the game is to play a KILL when your opponent plays a REST.  The winner is the first to 3 KILLS. Continue reading

The Zapp Pak

This was an attempt to save a gift that had already gone a bit…wrong.  It was for a Futurama fan.  I’d ordered something on Amazon that had “velour” in its title as a little nod to Zapp Brannigan and his chosen uniform material.  However, what I’d bought was a stupid little herbal heat pillow that you microwave and put in your bed or on your neck or something.  It didn’t really make you think of Zapp Brannigan, despite it being real velour.  So I devised this packaging for it, to try to make the connection more explicit.  The final product was signed at the bottom.

Gold Squad, Motherfucker!

The Gold Squad Pin from BFBC2

This was a birthday gift for a friend.  We were both big Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players, as were several of our friends.  There’s an end-of-match award in the game for being the best squad of 2-4 players out of all players in the round.  It’s called the “Gold Squad” pin.  Every time we were awarded it a particular member of the party would reinforce this by saying “Gold Squad, Motherfucker!”.  It became that pin everybody was most proud of.  So, as a birthday gift, I decided to try to get a decent facsimile made.  I understand that in the real world pins are quite small things, but I wanted something a bit heftier, so I reimagined it as a medal.

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