Well, that was a lengthy hiaitus.  Let’s see if I can be a bit more consistent this time.  The promise is as earnest as it was the last time I failed. (He says to all the girls)


We won’t be battling them anywhere any more


That does it for the newsletter publications.  The rest of the stuff on this blog up until the present day will just be things I’ve written for myself out of interest and other small projects.

Winston Begins


That does it for my blog output, then.  Next up are a series of pieces I wrote over five years for a small University newspaper.  They cover a range of topics.  I’m going to reproduce them as straight blog posts but include a .png of their original presentation. Y’know, for posterity.  Order’s probably going to be jumbled and certainly no chronological.  And some of the articles I posted as notes on facebook and are already reproduced at the start of the blog, so they’ll be omitted here.  Not even I am vein enough to assume anybody would want to read them twice.

And Heroes Fall…


That’s it for Steven Seagal.  Everything else is simply written on my heart.  Next are a series of posts from a blog I started called Media Degradation (link at right).  I had had to degrade a year at University for personal reasons and had intended to write about all of the ways in which I was wasting my time.  I compiled a list of all the media I owned but had not yet consumed and my objective was to get through all of it.  I failed in that regard.  I kept it going for a while but it fell by the wayside when I headed out to LA for the first time.

Moving onto a fateful summer…


In the summer of 2009 a friend and I embarked upon a quest to watch Steven Seagal’s complete filmography.  We failed.  It was inspired by our discovery of Vern‘s book “Seagalogy: A Study of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal“.  I came up with the idea of blogging the experience.  I called the blog “On Deadly Blog” in reference to Seagal’s disgustingly self-obsessed opus “On Deadly Ground”.  The blog was equally as successful as the quest itself.  I’m going to reproduce relevant posts from the blog, which is linked to on the right.