This is also, less abstractly, me.

My name is Colm Seeley, but if the About page is the first place that this has become apparent then I have misunderstood the function of titles and I apologise. I am currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I have a beard and studied Physics at a reputable English University.  I (accurately) refer to my Master’s project as “Quantum Mechanics vs Cancer”.  I have worked as a technician and designer in various roles for IndieCade, an independent games festival.  I like some things, am indifferent to others and dislike yet more, but am equally as passionate in my indifference as in my love.  If I ever meet you my objective will be to make you laugh as soon as possible.  My main function within groups of peers is to fill in the “that guy from…” gaps as people discuss their favourite films and television programs; I am a useful asset.

This blog begins as a consolidation of infrequent prior output and will continue as an acceptably generic blog after that.  Collected here are different little bits of writing I have done for previous blogs or small university newsletters as well as some little bits of design done mostly as gifts for friends.  The categories that posts are listed under should make this clear.

I have been advised to “increase my online presence”, which makes me feel like an occupying force. Attempting to conquer the internet is perhaps the only objective that makes occupying Russia in the winter an attractive prospect.

I am on facebook and am @ColmSeeley on twitter.

I also keep a photography tumblr that demands you take it seriously in spite, or perhaps because, of the infrequency of its output.

Reason works.


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