M. Bison & The Question T-Shirts

Before I headed off to LA for IndieCade 2013 last year I decided to kit myself out with some new duds (hello, the ’90s.). But instead of just buying the nearest Batman shirts, I thought, why not design some of my own? I’ve done it before. So designed and made a couple of T-Shirts around a couple of things I like in life.

Scream in Pain!

Scream in Pain!

The T-Shirt above is a classy, minimal rendition of the button input for M. Bison’s Nightmare Booster Ultra from Street Fighter IV. I’m a big Street Fighter fan and M. Bison is my main. I just hit B+ with him in SSFIV AE 2012 recently. It has the name of the move in small text below it so it looks sort of like an encyclopaedia entry, thus giving it the gravitas it deserves. Originally I’d just written three kicks for the button presses instead of light, medium heavy, but someone pointed out that it might be a bad idea to wear a T-Shirt whose only letters were “KKK”. I honestly hadn’t noticed it. I changed it quickly. The t-shirt is designed to match my business card. I hope someone rolls their eyes at the two some day.

Because every professional needs an illusion to "Psycho Crusher"

Because every professional needs an illusion to “Psycho Crusher”.

The other shirt is just the distressed text of a quote by The Question from Justice League Unlimited. I think the quote is hilarious and wanted it on a t-shirt. The outfit that prints this stuff for me is Kopyright, a print shop in Belfast. I wanted both of these t-shirts printed with vinyl, but the first version I took to them was way too intricate, but I took it away and simplified it with the help of some tutorials and the result is below.

Few dare to even ask...The Question.

Few dare to even ask…The Question.


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