Werewolf Cards

Silly Werewolf "logo"This Sunday I’ve organised for some friends to get together and play some tabletop games.  It’s our first time.  We played a lot of Halo (system link ftw) during high school but with the dawn of internet gaming it became less and less frequent.  I was primarily spurred on by this (excellent but long) video from Shut Up & Sit Down.  We’re gonna start off easy, safe with Settlers of Catan and Werewolf.  I’ve only played Werewolf once in my life, but had the privilege of doing it with some really wonderful people at IndieCade 2012.  I had a great time with it, despite leaning on some common roots I shared with another player to manipulate her allegiances.  Sorry, Brenda.  I wanted to share it with my friends and to try to make it a little special I decided to make some cards to assign the roles rather than just scrawling them on paper (though my design is basically just doing that with Photoshop).The variant I played at IndieCade had a Doctor and a Seer and it worked really well so I wanted to make a set for that version.  Here’s how they ended up.

Are there any other ways to arrange cards tastefully?

Are there any other ways to arrange cards tastefully?

Most of the cards are self-explanatory.  The wolf is from The Noun Project (attribution below).  I initially wanted to do “The Eye of Providence”, y’know the eye inside a pyramid that’s on money, but one of friends made me feel guilty because it’s Masonic imagery so I switched to a “Third Eye Open”-type thing.  Originally the closed eyelids were curved but even my fucking mum thought they looked like boobs so that had to be changed.  An eye by itself probably would have been better than what I settled on but I was tired of it and bailed.  I’m really happy with the pitchfork, though.  The logo is kind of a silly retro-looking thing.  I did no research and it required no skill.  The claw marks are totally open source from wikimedia, yay.

They were printed on nice card at a local printer but I haven’t gotten them laminated.  I also fucked up the alignment royally on all of the cards, so it’s borderless fronts from here on out.  I arranged them to hide that in the above picture, though, because I’m dishonest.

The complete set is in the gallery below on A4 (notice I also misrotated the fifth card #consummateprofessional).

Wolf designed by Benjamin Orlovski from The Noun Project


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