One Hit Kill Card Game

One Hit Kill LogoSo I made a little card game!

I call it “One Hit Kill”.  It’s basically Rock, Paper, Scissors where you can only win with scissors.  Two players play head-to-head with five cards each: 1 KILL, 2 DODGE, 2 REST.  Each turn, both players select the card they want to play and place it face down on the table.  The cards are then turned over simultaneously and as bombastically as possible for MAXIMUM DRAMA.  The object of the game is to play a KILL when your opponent plays a REST.  The winner is the first to 3 KILLS.I was trying to create a game that was simple, fast and constantly tense.  I think this really hits the mark.  I’ve playtested it a couple of times and it’s gone well, with me crying out in frustration in a crowded, sophisticated café.  Still trying to find some kids to try it out with.  The cards are roughly 1/4 A4 in size with sexy rounded corners.  I made them in Photoshop, printed them, got them laminated back-to-back, then cut out the correct shape and Pritt-Sticked them together.  They’re nice and big and chunky.

Two full sets, as displayed on my grubby desk.

Two full sets, as displayed on my grubby desk.

I designed the cards to be very minimal but that’s just because I find it visually appealing.  If this were to gain any traction I was hoping people would just download the logo and make their own sets, which can be anything as long as the cards contain the right words.  I’m also trying to figure out if it would be possible to extend it to more than 2 players in a way that’s still compelling.  The name derives from cheap video game bosses with instant death attacks that you spend the whole fight terrified of, but you knew that already.

One of the most common tactics that has emerged is the “Double Rest Gambit”, since after playing both RESTS you can’t lose that round.  It’s a risky, but worthwhile strategy.

But what are the players saying about the game?

“I think it’s lovely, Colm”My mum

“Oh just one more, then.”Also my mum

“The bloodline is too thick!”My dad trying to explain why he could only tie the round after I blew my KILL on the first card

“My god, this is all about the mind games.”Padraig “Pod” Linden

“This is just Rock, Paper, Scissors.”Daniel Clarke


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