The Hammer of Justice is Unisex T-Shirts

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is an excellent show.  It’s one of those rare things where the tone is consistently perfect.  It understands exactly what is wonderful about Silver Age comics but that it is equally wonderful to make fun of them.  The collision of Silver Age storytelling with modern perspective leads to some great moments and some unforgettable one-liners.  Principal among them is this one from Season 1 Episode 16 “Night of the Huntress”:

The Hammer of Justice is Unisex.

That’s Mrs Manface.  And that’s all the context you need for the clip.

I’ve always remembered this line and I’ve had an idea for a t-shirt that summed it up kicking around my head for years.  This summer I sat down and actually made it and got it printed.  The arm has gauntlet blades that should identify it as Batman and the Hammer is traced from the Soviet Hammer & Sickle.  This was the final image used:

Original image I worked up

Once I showed this to some of my friends they enjoyed it enough that they asked for versions of it themselves, so I had a larger print order done, with everyone choosing their own colours.  I went with the navy and yellow, because I think it fits nicely with the colour scheme of Batman in The Brave and the Bold since I don’t really wear royal blue.  Another friend chose the traditional modern Batman colours of black and grey.  I think they all look pretty fuckin’ sharp.  I’ll update the gallery below as and when I get pictures from the recipients then I’ll delete this sentence.

I wear this t-shirt out in the hope that one day someone will independently decipher it and I will immediately marry them.  The downside is that if I have to explain it, it basically comes across as “I hit women”.  It may require some tweaking as an ice breaking tool, which is deeply ironic given the content of the image.


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