The Death of Mario or The Fleetingness of Loyalty

I think the video speaks for itself, but an explanation is after the jump.

This video was taken at my little cousin’s 6th birthday party.  He had a karate party (which is an awesome idea) followed by food and a piñata.  He is a big Mario fan, but for some reason my Aunt & Uncle decided to have the piñata made in Mario’s image rather than Bowser or another Mario villain.  So we had to string poor Mario up as all of the children lined up to take a swing at his plump, fragile body.  They took a disturbing amount of pleasure in it.  Eventually the paper surrounding one of his hips was almost completely frayed and one of the adults just gave a nod.  I wasn’t quick enough to capture what happened next on video and I’m sorry for that.  The kids all smelled blood and rushed forward, grabbing Mario’s legs and pulling, pulling them downwards until they tore and then capriciously tossing them aside.  They descended on the spilled candy as a ravenous mob.  It really felt like something out of a zombie movie; I thought I could hear Mario softly screaming “Choke on’em!“.  Above is the scene that followed.  I filmed it with the video in mind and tried to wait to get the rotation and the parting shot right.  The music, Dead Island Trailer Theme (feat. Mairi Campbell, Peter Nicholson & Guido De Groot) by Giles Lamb, just happened to have a passage that synced up perfectly with the slowed down video.


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