Pokémon Cap

This was designed as part of a Hallowe’en costume for my little cousin.  I know that’s it’s not the original Ash Ketchum hat, which would have been easier but he thought it was boring when I showed him a picture.  I also realise that it’s not the Sinnoh League Victors cap either.  Sinnoh League Victors was the show he was watching at the time and the rest of the store-bought costume was based on Ash’s attire in it, but when I showed my cousin a picture of the hat he didn’t recognise it.  The colours in that one would also have been a bit more difficult to achieve.  The design I went with is identifiable as Pokémon and it turned out OK.  It’s a white baseball cap with a red rim with the rear portion then spray painted red.  The outline of the Pokéball was done with a simple squeezey fabric paint.  And this is the little guy wearing it:


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