Clerks 2 Review

I am a huge Kevin Smith fan, but that doesn’t stop me from detesting Chasing Amy,
one of his films, so treat this review like you would a biased historical source. The
sequel to cult classic “Clerks”, “Clerks II” rejoins Dante and Randall from the first film
over a decade after we first saw a snapshot of their lives. Little has changed and
the film plots how their now lack of youth affects them in what is essentially the
same situation and how the characters grow or refuse to.

You do not have to have seen “Clerks” to enjoy this film. There’s plenty of humour
here to keep you laughing even if you feel a little lost at the beginning, which you
shouldn’t because the characters are really everyman characters. Clerks II is
fantastic. It is uproariously funny, with very few, if any, jokes missing the mark and
a solid laugh at least every three minutes. The jokes range in subject from puerile
to geek to social commentary and are always sharp. The interplay between the
characters is amazingly good and the dialogue is crisp. Jason Mewes puts in a
hilarious performance, as usual, as Jay and Jason Lee’s cameo is pretty good as

Dante and Randall are the driving force of the film and fortunately Brian O’Halloran
and Jeff Anderson have gained more acting ability than they have weight in the
intervening years and put in note-perfect performances. Rosario Dawson is
stupendous. She plays a very contradictory and non-stereotypical character and
plays it brilliantly. I fell in love with her through the course of the film and I can’t wait
to see her future work. A mention has to go to newcomer Trevor Fehrman for
providing yet more comedy with the Lord of the Rings geek character.

What is evident in the film is that the director and the cast & crew were having a
great time and it’s wonderful to have that come through on screen. Aside from the
comedy there is emotional depth to the film dealing with different manners of
relationships. Some things that had been subtleties in the first film are brought
brutally to light here, and this would be a bad thing were it not handled so deftly by
Smith and the actors, Anderson in particular. I don’t really have anything bad to say
about this film other than that compared to the first film it has a very different kind of
charm, whilst keeping the characters the same. The comedy is slightly on the
geeky side but there’s enough slapstick and gross-out humour to keep everyone
happy. I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Go and see it. Right now.

Originally published 2006.


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