This is a note I wrote after going home from University for the first time and petulantly feeling short-changed by my friends after a taxi ride.

I have to let the world know. I have devised the best way of dividing a taxi fare for dropping people off at multiple locations and I’d like it to be formally adopted. It’s a bit useless for Cambridge but it works for your respective homes. It is as follows:


IC is the individual amount owed by a specific passenger for this shared journey

II is the individual amount that would be paid by that specific passenger were they to have travelled alone

TC is the total cost of this taxi shared journey as a collective

TI is the sum of all of the individual II.

This means that everyone makes the same percentage saving when compared with how much a taxi by themselves would have cost.

It works.

Spread the word.

Originally posted Monday, 19 March 2007.


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